Custom touch controls

Carmageddon interface
The green boxes indicate that these controls can be moved and how big their touch area is.

Today the old ‘racing’ game Carmegeddon was released as a port to Android. When it first came out in 1997 it caused worldwide controversy due to that the player is encouraged to drive over pedestrians.

Today’s free tryout of the app allowed for some nostalgic pixelated blood spatting. But it was what I found in the settings which caused me to write this post. The car is driven via five onscreen buttons (left, right, gas, brake, handbrake). Via the menu this interface can be customized by dragging around the buttons to any place that suits your needs. The nice thing is that with this it can be made to fit different sizes of hands and screens. I guess this is the touch screen equivalent of changing which keyboard keys you want to use to play the game.

The free version of the app

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